Wake Up, It's Spring!

Jennifer Perillo

I've had blast creating the content for the Spring Issue of City Girl, Country Kitchen. I just know you'll all love it, too, as you flip through the drool-worthy pages. People often ask which recipes are my favorite, so I imagine that's a question you may all have on your mind with this next issue. It's hard to decide, like choosing between your children.

And speaking of kids, all of these recipes are 100% kid-tested and approved (well, except for the Margarita Truffles—they're only mama approved since they have booze in them). I wasn't quite sure how the whole grain pizza would go over with my girls. They have high standards when it comes to pizza, but it was a big hit (yay for me!).

On that note, I shall return to the final editing and proofreading stages, so we can get this baby off to the printer. The print issue, as usual, will be a limited edition run. Pop on over here to get your pre-order in before they sell out. Digital issues will be available in the coming weeks—stay tuned!

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